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$100K service offers

Done-with-you program to fast-track your services to six-figures. Make your offer irresistible and get calls from prospects.
Get paid based on value, without competing on lower prices.
"I used to work non-stop for low prices. Today, my express offer sells non-stop with 900% higher margins. Thanks Joe!"
Jimmy Tseng

Dear friend,
are you
struggling to break past


you are not alone.

SO you have been selling your services
for the past 5 years...

Stuck in Price Wars? Always ending up battling over costs, not value?
Invisible to Big Spenders? All that effort and they still don't see you?
Selling "Boring" Stuff? Believe there’s nothing exciting about your services?
Overworked, Underpaid? Dreaming of making more without living at work?
Fearful of Charging More? Worry that higher prices will drive clients away?
Missing Out? Like, if only you’d found the right words, they’d be lining up?
Crave Recognition? What if folks came to you because you’re worth it, not just because you’re cheaper?

dear friend,
There’s a secret path to getting there.

"If only I had better marketing and sales, I would sell like crazy and make a lot of money"

We hear this a lot, but the answer is no.

"We tried 12 different offers in 30 days, found a winner, and went all in. Combined with the ads, we booked appointments while asleep and hit our first $20k month."
Alexander bryan
Advocacy LA

even with good marketing/sales skills,
you will still struggle to sell if you have a

bad offer.

"Great, but how does this help me get more clients?"

You see,
If you just slap in a pricelist and call it a day, you are selling a commodity offer.

Commodity offers are like supermarket items:
everyone sells the same thing and the lowest-priced gets the sale.‍

Probably not where you want to be, isn't it?

fortunately, we have just the right thing for you.

"Changed my offer and saw my leads increase by 5x in the same day."
Tan xian hong

because in $100k service offers, we'll work with you to turn things around

Value-first: No price wars, just your standout service.
Draw Big Spenders: Catch the right eyes.
Bore No More: Be the most exciting even in a "boring" industry.
Get Cash, Less Stress: Higher profits with less efforts.
Price Boldly: Charge what you deserve, worry-free.
Win Opportunities: Turn potentials into loyal clients.
Keep Buyers Coming: With our proven '3-step' framework
Upfront Qualification: You only talk to serious buyers
Get to Six-figures: Find a winning offer and scale it.
So if this is something you are looking for, continue reading.

Because we're about to share with you the same framework that helped us grow from 0 clients in 2 years, to picking 10 clients from 100+ qualified applications every month. (that's all we can take in for now)
"My leads are usually unqualified but now, most are ready to buy when they call us."
Esther chen
The same exact framework that our clients use and

responsible for over 1000 closed deals
cumulatively every single month.

Hey friend, it's joe here.

I made the leap of faith to quit my six-figure job as a Software Development Consultant to start my own software development agency, Jojobug.

2 years running, I almost finished my entire savings trying to keep the business afloat, without clients. At its peak, we were a team of 13. I knew I had to do something.

I stopped company operations. After spending over $10k+ in trial-and-errors, networking, and courses/trainings, I found that I had a bad offer, and people love to buy good offers.

So I learned about offers, and built on that idea. The same month was my first 5-figure month, and booked 73 appointments, where 70% were qualified buyers.

Today, we help other service-based businesses sell their way to six-fgures by implementing the same blueprint.
"We tried 12 different offers in 30 days, found a winner, and went all in. Combined with the ads, we booked appointments while asleep and hit our first $20k month."
Alexander bryan
Advocacy LA
put into a simple done-with-you program

$100k service offers

Our proprietary offer-based framework for professionals who want to sell their services to six-figures
Offers Created
Monthly Deals Closed
Monthly Revenue Generated
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step #1
create and tune:
Offer workshop
Price: $257 per session
4 Sessions a Month: We’ll sit down and hash out your $100K service offer.
One-of-a-Kind: You'll be the only one in the whole world selling your offer.
Steal the Spotlight: Turn competitors into dinosaurs, a thing of the past.
Price It Right: Charge the max amount without making clients cry
Jedi mind tricks to make people go "Wow, that's a good deal"
step #2
validate and refine:
Offer test lab
Price: $769 per month
Quick Ads, Validate: See if people will buy your stuff, tweak, and see again.
Sell the Hot Stuff: Get insights directly from what your audience wants.
Sweet Spot Hunting: Land on an offer that is irresistible for your market.
Find a Winner: Refine until you validated a winning offer to go all in on.
Jedi mind tricks to get people raise their hand and say "I want it!"
step #3
win and scale:
Offer slingshot
Price: $1479 per month
Full Funnel: Watch your offer sell itself on autopilot
Ready Buyers Only: Get calls from pre-qualifed buyers
Ever-Evolving: Benefit from ongoing enhancements for better results.
Road to Six-figures: Make lots of money and enjoy
Illegal jedi mind tricks to make people swipe their credit cards for you
bonus #1
5-minute Ugly ads that sell
Price: $249 one-time
Grab Eyes: Stand out with bold, scroll-stopping ads.
Superfast: 5-mins to create
Crystal Clear: No confusion, just clear, compelling offers.
Traffic Cones: Route coming traffic to landing pages
P.S.: Same ad that got you here
bonus #2
mind-tricks landing page
Price: $1998 one-time, $100 per month hosting & maintenance
High Conversion: use all the illegal jedi mind tricks make people buy
Seamless: pairs very well with your offer and ads
Always Improving: gets better to collect more money
P.S.: You are on one right now
bonus #3
social content flywheel
Price: $569 one-time
Socials to Sales: even more sales from your social media platforms
3 Video Posts that will generate traffic forever
Seamless: pairs very well with your offer, ads, and landing pages
P.S.: The video you watched before coming here

total price:

$3,376 / month +
$2,816 one-time


Maybe not at that price point.

Since you're here, you're probably making under $10k/month and that investment won't make sense.

So, we'll cut you a crazy deal:

$3,376 / month +
$2,816 one-time
$1,476 / month

but wait.

We want to reward action takers with a limited-time offer. So they can break $10k/month sooner.

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free? what's the catch?

We understand you want to make sure your hard-earned money is well spent. You want to move forward, but we don't know each other yet.

We aim to get your trust by giving you a lot of value upfront, so you will move to the monthly retainer without the fear that this is not going to work.

Due to the intensive work required to make sure you succeed, we can only take 5 new clients every month. If we get more applications, not everyone will qualify.

This way, we'll know that we are working with action-takers who are willing to commit and put in the work necessary to get good results.

So you can get
results like these:

now, let's answer those questions racing in your head

Frequently Asked Questions

How does perfecting my offer help my business?
It increases conversions by making your marketing messages clearer and more compelling. When done right, an offer should feel irresistible to your target audience.
I already have a marketing plan. Can this work with my existing marketing plan?
Yes, it's designed to improve and build on any current marketing efforts.
How much do I need to be involved?
Only in key decisions and approve the things we share to you; we'll handle the day-to-day tasks.
When will I see results?
Some clients see results on the same day they launch their new offer. You'll start seeing improvements on average in a few weeks, with more significant gains over a few months.
What if the offer doesn’t work initially?
We'll refine the offer based on real-world feedback until it performs well. The trick is to create something that people would already buy.
Are there any hidden costs?
No, all potential costs are transparent and agreed upon upfront.
How do you track success?
We measure increases in lead generation, sales, and customer engagement.

“This all sounds awesome, but I’m still having some doubts, so I’ll keep opening this page for the next few days until I make a decision.”

If that's you right now... okay, no problem, but I'll tell you this:

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